School assignments

HIOF 1 semster (Norway) – Oblig 5

My first semester in a higher education was done at Høgskolen in Halden, Norway, where I attended basic web development, 3D modelling&animation and Grunnleggende IT.

We worked on making a website throughout the entire duration of 6 months were we learned new methods and new additions to make for our site, both meta and UI/UX until we had a 100% semantic, A-standard accessability and microdata integrated website.

This is the first time I attempted any coding and learning everything from scratch. During our assingments, we were never allowed to use the <div>,
So there was a lot of habits to learn and un-learn when I got to KEA. I figured out this is where I preferred WordPress builds rather than code from scratch. It was still fun and challenging.

I was really proud of my own hard work and the structure of my site. It was also a great challenge to learn more about use of colors for user-friendlyness!

Link to assignment site:
Hiof – Oblig 5

KEA mmd1- Web

My first semester at KEA erhvervsakademi, we learned about basic web in the first two weeks.
I have a mentor who has been guiding me throughout my first semester in Norway who guided me through the new ways of coding, which was confusing at first as I was used to extreme semantics, but I was rather proud of the outcome of this project due to struggling a bit with my word blindness and having to adjust my logic to a new way of doing things. This challenge showed that with the right guidance, right planning and not taking upon myself too big of a task, it is possible to learn something new

I learned to solve the problems by taking the process step by step to prevent codes from destroying other elements.

My favourite part of this project was making the splash image art, making the different menues, and finding the images for the site as I love retro art style.

Link to assignment site:
StilArt site

KEA mmd2 – Brukersentret design(Video)

This semester was a challenge, both learning more about myself and group mechanics. This assignment also was a great reminder how much I love making videos.
I obtained a Osmo mobile 3 for the purpose and also used my Canon 550D, tho I learned at this point I should perhaps upgrade my camera to one which is stronger and has better IOS and better for filming as my trusty camera has been with me since 2009 on many adventures.

I also got newfound love for editing as both me and my boyfriend is into streaming and youtube. it is a wonderful thing we often bond over working in at home. He taught me some new tricks and I was very proud of my clips before the text got added on which was not my original text.

Link to assignment site:
Brukersentret design

Link to campaign video(My work):
Campaign video

KEA mmd3 – Webfeature

For our third semester, we learned about using DIVI with our wordpress.
This is a tool I really felt comfortable working with, though I still have a lot to learn about its ins and outs(which is thrilling me greatly).

I decided for my assignment to make the topic about something that has interested me since my early teenage years. And as I have connections living in Japan, it was a wonderful opportunity to learn something new about a culture while learning brand new things in web!

Due to timezones, distance and plans not always being able to be followed due to my subjects school schedule, it was a good challenge, but also something that taught me to be wary of what I pick to write about/work with. Divi was also such a new tool to work with, so I had some minor hiccups with it, but I hope to work with more systems like this as well as Bootstrap and Webflow.

After getting wonderful feedback on my illustration, it showed me I should be more proud of my own work and use it more.

Link to assignment site:

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